What’s it like to sell house to an investor?

What it's like to work with a cash home buyer?
Video Transcription

Tyler Hyma: All right. The purpose of this is just to give you a really easy, quick overview of the process, from you getting online and finding us to the point where we might purchase your property.

As I already mentioned, you’re going online. You’re doing the research. You’re trying to find a solution to whatever problem you have. You’ve got a property you just don’t want anymore, had a death in the family, you’re going through a divorce. It could be any number of things. Your property has been on the market for six months and no one’s buying it. It can literally be anything. You found us. You give us a call. You’re wondering, “How does this process work?”

Usually it’s going to be me answering. My name is Tyler. I will go through the process of trying to get some really easy preliminary information, bedrooms and bathrooms and square footage. That’s really helpful for us, and get a little bit of the backstory as to why you might be selling. Are there some family issues going on? Is there… You’re moving somewhere really quickly so you need an easy solution, something like that. It’s really helpful for us to figure out what path we might need to take. Then we’re going to be asking you some financial questions. Typically maybe how much you owe on the property and things like what you might be expecting to get for an offer.

If we can figure out from those preliminary questions if we might be a good fit for you, what we’re going to do next is try and figure out a time that we can come out and take a look at the property. As much as we would love to make offers over the phone, because it would pick our job a lot easier, we just can’t do that because every home is so different. We’ve come into homes where not a thing needs to be done to it. We’ve come to other homes where it’s been flooded in the basement. All those different factors drastically change our ability to make an offer to you.

It’s always going to be in our best interest, in your best interest, to sit down and talk. Not only so we can figure out what the property looks like, but also so we can talk to you even more about creative solutions to whatever your problem is. I would say the vast majority of the time, these properties, these situations, they’re fixed with an easy cash offer. However, some people, they just don’t really need a cash offer. Maybe they need something else. We can talk about those options with you in a face to face, across the kitchen table kind of meeting.

That’s going to be the next step. We’re going to try and figure out what works for your schedule, first or second shift, that kind of stuff. Then you’re probably going to meet with either myself or my business partner, Case. From there, once the meeting happens… Those meetings usually take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes. They’re usually not very long. If we can come up with this creative solution that works for you, we can get the process started that day, where we can get paperwork going and start the process. This process also can take anywhere from 10 days all the way up to two months sometimes depending on what the situation looks like. The faster we can get started, the faster that you can be done with the stress of owning the home.

Once that process starts, you’re going to be talking a lot with our office administrator, Abby. She deals a lot with the paperwork and the process of getting your property out of your name and into our name. That that can take some time sometimes. Then once that’s all taken care of, we’re going to meet at a title company and sign a few documents and then the property is no longer your issue. It’s our issue. You’re going to get your money that we discussed at the kitchen table when we met with you initially.

That’s a really quick and dirty overview of how the process works. It’s a little bit different for every person, but overall that’s more or less how the process goes.

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